we have such a variety of nasturtiums, i love buying all the different seed packs and being surprised by what the blooms look like.

so many colours and variations, they were the inspiration for this fabric from repeat.

we had enough fore-sight to lay chicken wire over the soil before we planted anything, to attempt to keep the voracious squirrels from digging. i am currently battling them for the vegetables, they are fond of biting everything once, to see if they like it, and then leaving it for me to toss in the compost.

i think these are my favorite, a lovely peach with red-brown and yellow centres.


lauren said...

have you used the blooms in salads? so delicious and peppery - not to mention beautiful.

roisin said...

i can't bear to pick them, but i think that ted eats them when i'm not looking. when i worked at epicurious morsels in halifax, the chef would put the blossoms on his salads, and i loved watching people try them for the first time.