way back when

i made this clutch back in 2007, when i was going to add a line of bags to bespoke uprising. it is still something that i want to do, but i just don't have the time. i wonder sometimes about sending out some of my work to a sewing studio, but that too, takes time to sort out.

i never noticed before that it looks so much like a house when open. the leather handle is made from hide off-cuts that my brother gave me for christmas one year when he worked making beautiful shoes in vancouver.

and since i was waitressing at the time, it had a little zippy pouch inside that snapped out so that i could leave my purse in the staff room, but keep all of my cash with me.


Anonymous said...

Contracting out your sewing is not such a bad idea. I just started looking into that via craigslist and found a seamstress that works from home and does piece work. It's a good thing to figure out first how much it will cost to contract out so that you don't loose profit when you wholesale.

lotta said...

I have thought of outsourcing production too, but the few times I have tried it has not worked out. I am too picky about quality, so I am still doing it all over here... The bag looks great. I hope repeat is doing well.

roisin said...

thanks to you both - i have once tried contracted out a bit of sewing, and learned a lesson about hiring friends. lotta - i am also just too picky, i think, for it to work!