the baby raccoons we've been spying on since the spring are now teenagers, they were out yesterday morning at about 7 in the morning, which is a good bit past the time they normally retire to the trees for the day. when we left the house to get a better look, all three skedaddled up a pair of trees, two of them went up a tree beside the one that they live in. the fella above was braver than the rest, and climbed down to cross the fence to his home.

this little one just hung out, watching us, not seeming to mind that we were there at all. it was hard to get clear photos of them, as they moved around so much.


lauren said...

baby raccoons are RIDICULOUSLY cute. i was sitting in alberto's backyard two nights ago and 3 little raccoons came SO CLOSE to us so they could drink from the pond. cute!

Pamplemousse said...

adorable! one night I saw SIX raccoons prowling around the front yard and when startled, they ALL scampered up the same tree and hung there. It was hilarious!

I've also been enjoying skunk-watching (though you have to do that one with care!) - they stick out like a sore thumb (a cute, waddling sore thumb!) wherever they are.