i've returned home from toronto outdoor art - spent a wonderful weekend staying with friends michelle and the bookhou family, thanks to all for the hospitality!  and a thanks as well to the many friends who visited, it was great to talk to you all.
 as usual, i had very little time to run around and see the show myself, the only downfall of participating!  on the last day of the show, my good friend Naomi Clement [you will see her wonderful pottery at cabbagetown this september] discovered Deborah Freeman.  Naomi and i are friends from nscad, where we were in ceramics together.  Deborah fires her work in atmospheric  kilns, using wood and soda ash to add to the glaze on the work.  i miss ceramics very much sometimes, and especially the wonder of opening up an atmospheric kiln to see the somewhat unpredictable results.  i bought the little collection above, my favorite being the ewer with funnel.

i also got my hands on one of arounna and john's wonderful new alphabets, which are even nicer in person than the in the photos.

jenna greenberg of jenna rose is making teatowels now, so i picked up this lovely pair in a cotton/linen blend.

psst, jenna!  permaopaque markers are now available in finepoint - you can get them in guelph at wyndham art supplies!  thanks to cara for the finding them for me.

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jenna rose said...

Thanks Roisin! They got them in at Mixed Media too, although I would love it if they made an even finer point.