i lucked out at a second hand shop with my mom the other day - she found this fantastic wallpaper, two full rolls of hand-printed and flocked bamboo patterned wallpaper!

the label was peeling off, so i carefully removed it and put it in a safe place so that i wouldn't lose it, and of course that 'safe place' is alluding me now.  i do remember that is was manufactured in canada.

i hope that you can see the flocking - it s wonderfully fuzzy.  now all we need is a house with a small room to wallpaper, as i don't want to waste it on this rental flat, and i think the landlord would object since the entire house, inside and out, is painted beige.


lauren said...

that wallpaper is AMAZING. i'm so jealous.
also - i just love flocking. it's one of life's small luxuries.

arounna said...

mmmm....flocking goodness

t a n y a said...

gotta love those second hand shops!

Anonymous said...

I can donate my back hall to the cause..... ;)