blue spring

the yard at our flat is one of the things that really sold me on the place when i was apartment hunting.  I had come to ontario from halifax without ted, and had two days to find an apartment that would suit us both.  this place has a huge backyard, which is shared with the other tenants, but we are the only ones with a door leading right onto it, which makes it feel like it's ours.  it has been a generally neglected yard, which is understandable as it is hard to spend money on a place when you don't own it, and your landlord isn't the nicest.  

we were wonderfully surprised this spring when these blue flowers started popping up, congregating mostly around the base of the big french walnut tree, but making appearances all over the place, probably thanks to the many squirrels that dig up the bulbs and tuck them away somewhere else.

blue is such an unusual colour in flowers, and to have this mass just coming up is just great.  i hope that the lawn mowers don't come anytime soon.

and here are the cats, sitting in the morning sun and watching the juncos and nuthatches.  i'm weary of letting them out like we did in halifax, as there is a large family of raccoons as well as all those squirrels [we didn't have squirrels like these in nova scotia, they were more like this, tiny little guys].  so when its nice in the morning i'll put a pair of stools in front of the door and let them pine away.  the flat is quite old, and has wonderful details like fancy latched wooden screen doors and porcelain and brass door knobs.  

did you see the rabbit in the first picture?  we also have rabbits in the yard.  i've been trying to get a photo for a while now.


Rilla Marshall said...

Okay - I'm officially really jealous. despite a crappy landlord, you have a beautiful meadow of blue flowers in your yard. we have snow.

arounna said...

I thought that was a little bunny - wasn't sure if it was real - love the picture of the kitties.

CainandAble said...

You lucky bunny. We have those at my parents house. They remind me of home.
I effin LOVE your matching pair o'cat on a stool.