bits and pieces


i've learned that despite the fact that it is infinitely more enjoyable to create each piece from start to finish on its own, it is far more economical and practical to make many of something all at the same time.  i often 'chain' together the similar pieces of whatever it is i'm making - in this case wallets - and then snip them apart.  that way you can keep the machine going and going, and it all gets done quickly.

it also makes for a good study in repetition, which as a textile pattern designer and screenprinter is always interesting, and also inspiring.

the finished items made from the pieces shown above: wallets.  i don't think i've ever made the same wallet twice, as they are all individually printed.  i really enjoy the uniqueness of them, and the reflection of that in the person that chooses a particular wallet.  i posted some of these wallets on etsy.

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