tea towels

i've been printing and sewing up some more teatowels, in new colours and also using some floursack that i purchased.  i like the floursack because it is already a good width for making teatowels, so i only have to hew two sides instead of four.

 i am now packaging them in pairs, with one being a repeating pattern and the other a motif/image related to the repeat.  the 'teacups' pattern has a new motif to go with it - the spray that i drew to print on fabric panels to my show booth [yellow image above].

  the little hang tags in the corner have changed a bit, as well.  i finally found 100% cotton tape, and i'm printing it with the business name.  its an improvement over the ribbon i was using, and fits in better with the natural materials that the teatowels are made out of.


Anonymous said...

I think the teacups are my favourite.

t a n y a said...

love these!