new booth

since getting accepted into the
Circle Craft show in Vancouver, I've been thinking about designing a new booth, one that is easily transportable and that I can put up by myself.

above is my booth from the Spring One of a Kind Show, which I love dearly, but the large hardwall panels require me to rent a panel van or cube van, and rope someone into both hauling 4' x 8' panels and put them up with me.  shipping them to Vancouver would have been abominable expensive, and the fancy wallpaper on them probably would have been ruined.  i decided to screen print panels, and I came up with a Damask-style pattern related to my Iznik flower drawings, and a wood grain pattern on the bottom half, to keep the 'room' feel that i loved aboutmy first booth.  i also kept the colours [or lack of] the same, a cream on white.  this is a little hard to see, but here is a peek.

ted helped me to screenprint my new bags as well, which was far more difficult than I'd thought, as the crease in the bag interrupted the original design no matter how hard we pressed.  we made a compromise, and took out the drawing [unfortunately] and left just the text on the un-creased part.  i still love them, and the colours as well.

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sewnut said...

The bags are beautiful. So is the booth back drop.