market garden

despite the rain and cold, i got out of bed at 7 a.m. yesterday and went down to the halifax farmer's market to buy plants for the garden. i really don't like to eat tomatoes, unless they're in ketchup or pasta sauce, but i love to grow them. i've grown them since i was small, and enjoyed bringing the ripe ones into the house for my dad, who would eat them right away, still sun-warm. i love the smell of the tomato plant as well, particularly when i'm sitting outside in the sun eating breakfast.

coleus have become a favorite of mine in the last few years. they come in such a range of vibrant colours, and i couldn't resist this 'saturn' variety, which can get up to three feet tall. the leaves are a wonderful velvety burgundy and chartreuse, though they look yellow with the strong sun hitting them.

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