new studio, new blog

so much has happened in the last six months i'm starting this again.

i had a successful -although stressful and exhausting- run at the christmas one of a kind show. many, many thanks to the lifesavers ted, lauren and cara. it was eleven very long days in my booth, though i was lucky to have my friend kyla of kyla francis pottery beside me for support and breaks, and i had the pleasure of having arounna and john of bookhou design near me as well, and as befits their lovely work, they are lovely people.

i've signed up for the spring show which happens over the easter weekend, march twentieth to the twenty-fourth, and hope to see you there.

here is the new studio, which i'm sharing with another screenprinter, michelle.
this is looking in from the front door, and you can see the loft office and the curtained off area at the back is the darkroom, which has the nicest exposure table you've ever seen:

and this is looking down from the loft area, with the wash-out sink on the left, four metre print table on the right and the giant rubbermaid bin at the end where I dye my fabric:


arounna said...

Hi Roisin,
welcome to world of blogging. I look forward to reading. Thanks for the nice mention. What a great space to work in.
arounna :)

sewnut said...

The studio space looks very productuve-inspiring. I am looking forward to keeping up with you.

hilary said...

hi ro- the space looks great!